Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cricket and Ballet at Columbus Circle

It was an amazing sight to see around 20-30 Indians shouting themselves hoarse at the country's cricket world cup win in the middle of New York City. They had even brought with them dhols and a (mainly African American) brass band. Chants of "Indiaaaaa... India" did their mandatory rounds while at the same time the revelry was kept at a polite American level, with Indians mindful of their manners, unlike the unbridled frenzy the same people would have gotten into back home. However, even this (by Indian standards) mild celebration turned interesting when the cops came up to break the party (and probably figure out what the hell it was all about - the Super Bowl is over innit??). That's when it hit me - we have arrived. Indians have arrived and are forcing the Americans to learn what Cricket is.

In any case, jokes apart, all this education was in vain since the cops could't care less and asked the Indian folks to move the celebration along to somewhere else, which they obediently (if somewhat defiantly) did. One of the most striking scenes at the event was a ballet dancer and her partner trying to dance around the circle but giving up in good-natured resignation when confronted with the frenzied cricketing masses (okay - that is an exaggeration). But what a feeling - I will never forget it.