Friday, January 28, 2011

The De-Egyptization of India

We have come a long way from being a colony to the current democracy in India, which while not perfect, is starkly different from the so-called democracies like Singapore, Malaysia and, more aptly for today's news, Egypt. Sure, we have our share of corruption -- slimy ministers fattening themselves on taxpayer money -- but at least the somewhat regular balance of power among the various political parties of the country keeps the hope alive that things can change and that no one individual or family is running the show.

With the Gandhi family's recent resurgence, this could be jeopardized, but there is still hope that some sense will prevail and people with real expertise chosen to lead this huge country. So, here's to the hope that Rahul Gandhi is chosen as PM not because he pulls of publicity stunts like riding with the "common man" in Mumbai's local trains, but because he really has the political and economic savvy to lead India into an increasingly competitive future.


Blogger zaph said...

Egypt has managed to toss out Mubarak and the monopolistic NDP. It's time India woke up and tossed out the monopolistic Gandhi family.

12:50 AM  
Blogger ghetufool said...

it's the concern of most of indians. it's a shame the way top politicians suck up to the family. one may wonder why?

5:05 AM  
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