Sunday, January 18, 2009

SPGs, Nasi Lemak, and all that

Yes, I know, I have been absent for quite a while. I wonder if anyone will even read this post, because for that they would have to know I still exist in the blogging world!

Late last year I decided to shift base to Malaysia, and although there are tons of things to write about, I just haven't gotten round to it. So this post will attempt to fill in the gap.

My initial reaction when I landed in KL was one of horror. There were just too many obviously-wanting-to-be-picked-up chinky (apols for the stereotype) girls with too many fat, white, i-have-the-money-to-screw-around guys here! It appeared quite sleazy at first, as I was put up in the heart of the city, where all these nefarious activities apparently take place. It took some adjusting to get used to that, and to realise that, really, it was quite avoidable if so desired.

(Btw, I heard these kind of girls, who hang around these local bars waiting to be picked up by whiteys (as the Caucasians are called) are also known as SPGs, aka Sarong Party Girls. Don't ask me what that means.)

So we're past that hurdle. Now, the one thing that Malaysia should be applauded for is the food, glorious food. Lots of cuisine from all over the world, and pretty good stuff. I just love my daily lunch of chicken noodle soup or roti canai or chinese... But the culprit here is Nasi Lemak, the main breakfast dish, which has made me sooper fat (ok, the frequent binges do that too). Nasi Lemak (dreamy eyes) is a sinful concoction that is made up of rice cooked in coconut milk (!!!), served with a kind of anchovies chutney, a fried egg, some veggies and another kind of chutney called sambal. If you are feeling generous why not throw in a piece of amazing redang chicken in there. Droooool. But VERY unhealthy.

Some of my generous colleagues get this breakfast for me and I happy drown in it...

Anyway, to go back to the subject of sleaze, I went out to this club the other day with my girl-friend, and felt that I had never been hit on so freaking many times by such ugly men. Clearly, 30 is fast approaching. So Hello Malaysia, good to meet you! If you want me I'll be drowning my sorrows in strawberry vodka.