Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bangalore can't dance, saala! Or can it?

Many of you may know about the weird, not to mention draconian, law in Bangalore that prohibits dancing -- any kind of dancing, even casual, personal, for fun, whatchamacallit -- in most bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Well guess what? Not all nightclubs enforce it. Yours truly was at a pub recently, and put her "reportergiri" (as a friend calls it) skills to the test.

My eagle eyes saw a bare dance floor initially, and then a brave female started dancing alone. It looked so pathetic. Anyway, I guess booze and frustration spurred others to this brave act, and in no time I could see a packed dance floor with Bangalore folks dancing their guts out.

So later, even in my sufficiently inebriated state, I chatted with the floor manager of that posh nightclub. The afore mentioned manager was asking us to quit the place as it was 11:30 pm. I replied that when dancing isn't allowed, and happens, why was he shooing us out?

"No madam, the cops will come. Even if we bribe them they shut us down because they do that to all the places," he said. I didn't catch his name and even if I had, I wouldn't publish it for fear of certain retribution, ethical journo that I am etc etc. And I didn't ask him why they allowed dancing even with the fear of cop-abuse.

I was just happy to dance, saala.