Friday, April 04, 2008

Brave New World

It's 2008. It's a new world. It is a world made worse as we grapple with murder and mayhem in Goa, economic turmoil and a general blahness in the lives of 25-35 year olds going nowhere.

Yes, I know I am back after a long hiatus, and I am still spewing the post-modern shpeil. Pathetic, isn't it? Not anymore than you, buddy.

It seems as if everything that was once cherished is lashing out with a vengeance. Take Goa for instance. I used to love this seaside region, where one could be herself, let her hair down and go wild. No one would bother you. Now, things have totally changed. Men may be thinking, "ah these poor, naked, frightened women, let's go intimidate them!" and viola - hell on earth.

"How are you, honey?" in the sleaziest of manners. Makes me ashamed of being associated with Goa.

Nothing changes for the better, its all becoming worse. Need to be brave in this crazy new world.