Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anonymous Alcoholics

I really have to thank Sayantani for providing so much fodder for my blog, without which I would be lost for inspiration. Her latest feat is something all her fellow-bloggers will savor with much glee.

You see my friends, Sayantani has resumed drinking. Not water, not juice, not club soda, but the hard core stuff, babies. Scotch on rocks is what I am talking about.

I stumbled upon this information when I ran into a motley group of which our beloved S was also a part, and one of these booze-worshippers told me “Sayantani had booze today, man… rock on…” Needless to say, the first thing I did was to point to the hapless heroine of the day and laugh cruelly.

“I couldn’t resist man… xxx had Glenfiddich (or one of those high end whiskey thingies)… I just had a whiff and I had to have it…” said she, full of mellon-collie. However, the pointing and laughing continued. “Oh man, Sayantani,” I said, “this is going on the blog for sure.”

And it did.

Welcome back, Sayantani. I see you finally realized your folly.

A warning to other mortals: do not displease the gods of booze, because you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Marriage and the art of lifecycle maintenance

(A post inspired by comments on Shuv’s post)

Sayantani is shit scared of getting married. Shit scared of what, I don’t know. She and her to-be hubby seem to be hitting it off like a house on fire. If someone like that is shit scared of marriage, then it has to be a scary thing. And of course, it is easy to comment from the sidelines.

One of the themes that scares the bejezus out of unmarried folks is the “then what?” syndrome. You decide to get married to someone for whatever reasons (money, security, love– maybe in that order?), and then what? Who is to guarantee that that reason will be sustained over time?

And if my cynical blogger friends are to be believed, ones who have had the ‘pleasure,’ then it will surely be a disappointment. And at the same time everyone – from the reasonably young to the definitely old, married or otherwise, urge one to jump the gun. More like jump the fun.

Oh god I lament the day this institution was created! I wish we didn’t feel it was somehow necessary. I wish we didn’t plan our lives around it. I wish it would go away! I wish people were less cynical about it. I wish people stopped pretending they hate it. I wish Sayantani all the best!