Thursday, August 30, 2007

My first review

Check out my first restaurant review here.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Why is it always “blue”? why can’t we feel golden, pink or brown?

Maybe you are feeling purple right now. A mix of blue and red, of sadness and anger. Can it not be so? Or maybe you are bittersweet – that would be gloomy blue and cheery yellow right? White would be resigned, black would be disgusted, grey would be calm… why not? Why only blue or red or yellow? Surely life isn’t all that primary? Or is it?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The times are a-changin'

A few days back I went to a very famous Bangalore pub - Purple Haze - obviously named after one of the best rock songs by one of the best rock musicians ever. The place was predictably dingy, with smatterings of what seemed like college kids, all headbanging to the deafening music.

The DJ played all the usual rock songs, from Sabbath to Maiden, with a few unusual ones thrown in - there was a Pearl Jam and U2 pair-up singing "Keep on rocking in the new world" which was pretty good, and one of the less annoying pieces I heard that evening. The other songs, although not really annoying, didn't do much for me. I kept wishing for someone to turn the volume down, and felt a bit ashamed of wishing so. I mean, there was a time, even as near as 1-2 years back, when I would join in the fun, if not fully appreciate the music.

But that day, I just wished for some alternative rock, something that was deep and soulful, and not just mind-numbing.

Contrast this to Dublin - another pub in our city of boiled beans - where the other day I listened to the most amazing music played by a single musician who handled several instruments most deftly (btw I completely lost it when he played Where the Streets Have No Name). Well, the pub was Irish so I was pretty gone in the first place I guess.

Anyway, the point is that I think the days of my being comfortably numb are numbered... no pun intended.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Guavas on the roadside

I saw a man walking amongst the cars a traffic signal today, selling guavas he had in a basket. I was on my way back home, after a movie and a marathon shopping session.

Now this guy was pretty well dressed, considering that he was selling the cheapest of fruits. A good, clean shirt - no tatters that one usually sees and expects at these lights. I wondered how this guy makes ends meet, so to speak. I mean, even if he makes 100 rupees on a good day, and assuming there all days in a month are good, this man makes around 3000 rupees a month - an amount I might blow up in a single shopping spree (as I did today) or in a night out at the pub.

I am sorry if I am boring you with the same old economic disparity litany, but it struck me at that moment that we have become so used to these terms and their manifestations in "real life" that we have become quite blind to them, and even get irritated when these things are brought up, as "this is not the only India that is."

But I have a funny feeling that it really is this for the most part.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

On Music

So many musical posts.. how could I be left behind?

Music truly is my aeroplane. It is the one husband that will never leave you, the one boyfriend that will never dump you, the one friend who will never betray you. Dramatic, I know, but true.
Gypsy just mentioned her 10 defining songs... For me, it really is U2. That band has really defined me and mirrored my life in many ways. Starting with One and now to Staring at the sun... it's all come full circle.

But I don't want to even give U2 much importance. Things you invest a lot in have a way of screwing you over.

So, I say "thank you for the music," but I think I'll manage.