Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Still Standing

So I guess it isn't as Neanderthal as I thought it was going to be in this place. The Internet actually works uninterrupted for more than 15 minutes! There MUST be a God. So that's how I am back to blogging.

Anyhow, themes of the week so far:

1. Concert + Wedding (a week later) = It was meant to be.
2. Guinness book of world records entry for the number of times one is asked to get married
3. Red hair + Salwaar Kameez = Newest eligible chick on the block and drooling uncles

I love my family.

Monday, February 19, 2007


The bolts of cloth I touch
The decorations
The lunches and dinners
The joy all around me
Everything - even the happiness I feel
Is tinged with sadness.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'll be gone 'til... March

...So don't give up on me people! I am going to the 'omtown, and might not post with any regularity for the coming two weeks.

Keep dropping in tho, for some stale refreshment.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Halventines Day

Yeah, that is what NK calls Valentine's, and this year it had an apt significance, as anyone who understands Hindi or Marathi can tell. I personalize the greeting as "Crappy V Day", which kinda sums it up for me anyway.

I "celebrated" it in, as AG put it, typical Bridget Jones fashion: cooking lunch for a couple of girl-friends: pasta, sandwiches and cake (OK so RP bought the cake, the others I made!). AS brought me lovely bright flowers, and we watched Sex and the City together.

A most enjoyable afternoon, better than lonely times and imagined loves.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Red-head blues

When I started behaving in the typical red-head way I had to start wondering if it really wasn't the new color of my hair that was driving the manic behavior. Not that usually I am your quintessential understanding, "nice" girl, but post-colouring I became even more irritable than usual. Thankfully most of my ire was directed towards unknown people, so I didn't burn any bridges, just dented some bumpers.

It got me thinking about whether the way we look has an effect on our behavior. Do some nice looking gals sometimes act cute and bubbly and clueless because some unconscious, social habit says they are supposed to?

Kind-of on the same lines, I recently saw a poster about "saving the world" featuring bald, handsome man of indeterminate color, kinda light brown, with a serene look on his face. Why, pray, was he chosen? Can't people with more life in them "save the world"?

More importantly, if looks do mean something, should I expect that my temper is only going to get hotter? God forbid, and people, stay away else risk being scorched.