Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stressettes of the world: Unite!

Wading through reams of useless news releases, we chanced upon a really funny one in the newsroom the other day: I forget the exact wording of the release, but in essence it was about a survey done (where else) in the US, and the startling (?) results thereof.

Many women felt that they were a victim of the "Stressette" syndrome, that in modern society, a woman has to be "hot" and desirable as well as successful and independent. Why the two are supposed to be mutually exclusive is beyond me. Or maybe it is not such an implication (let me clarify before a dozen fingers point at me); maybe it is just a self-imposed pressure on women.

If so, they deserve it! All this "stressette" bullshit is just that: bullshit. And personally, I haven't met many women who are so concerned about fulfilling others' expectations, if they do exist. I wonder how this "survey" was done; maybe there is a cultural difference that I cannot quite fathom.

Anyway, if anything, being a successful stressette is a compliment: a woman capable enough to handle both her looks and her career is a winner all the way.