Friday, July 21, 2006

Ten Years Gone

Recently I went to Jammu and met some old classmates. We were together till our 10th standard, in St. Mary's Presentation Convent High School, Jammu (Girls school, mind you). After that, all of us went our separate ways, so to speak, and only the magic that is orkut brought us back together again.

It was funny to see how we had all changed, or not changed. Some bitchiness still remained, some hesitancy had evaporated, some reconciliations made. A lot of gossip about who'd had a baby (or babies!) and who'd eloped, was exchanged.

What I felt was, in the 10 or so years that have gone by, I still feel like a teenager. But it sure was good to catch up on old times. God bless technology!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time is Standing Still

After a year filled with travels (Goa, Australia, Pondicherry, Coorg, Amritsar and Jammu), why do I still feel I am going nowhere?
Enlighten me!