Friday, May 26, 2006

"You must want what you want and not just wish it"

Just a line that struck me in Two Lives, the new Vikram Seth book.

Have a nice weekend.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Leave them emotions at the door!

It was an interesting mix of readings this weekend - Lady Chatterley's Lover and Times Life, the Sunday supplement of the Times of India. Times Life was talking about the new "sexual revolution" in India - specifically for the Indian woman, who was not scared or ashamed anymore of brief and emotionless sexual encounters.

According to the paper, even counterparts in the West (Britain was mentioned specifically) think that one night stands are immoral. Not so in India anymore. The Indian woman in her early-twenties, riding on her world's "globalness" and her own economic independence, is pretty *&^%ing happy, they say. Or so it seems.

It made me think, "I'm old!" Personally, I don't know any woman who has had a one-night stand. Not that it is anything that would be publicly discussed in my circle. There have been casual relationships, but relationships none the less. And I do not understand the glory in a one-night stand, I mean, is it supposed to be impressive?

The girls interviewed in the article seemed somehow smug about their sexual encounters, the more emotionless, the better. What a pity! Why do we have to lose our rigid past to a cold, calculating future? Both totally suck.

I don't want to judge anyone, however: if you want an emotionless fling, great, good for you. But lets not throw all emotion out of the window; I mean, relationships based on care can't all be lame. And if the new gen-x of women is going to think that its "uncool" to have meaninglful relationships, it's too bad!

The worst part was reading that some of the girls were perfectly happy for mummy and daddy to choose their partners for life, after they had had their share of "fun". It was reminiscent of how Indian men used to talk a decade or so back. In our quest for equality, I guess we take over both the rational and the insane aspects of the "other side".

Contrast this to Lady Chatterley, the miserable woman longing not for sex, but for sex and care, or love, whatever you want to call it. Trapped in a marriage with a cripple, she wanted both emotional and physical attention. She didn't seek it in all men, only some appealed to her. A mental connection.

That is what, it seems, Indian women do not want. And, ironically, the women in the West, who have already completed the cycle of breaking the chains, and finding the all chains don't need to be broken, are now resisting, waiting for something "meaningful". I guess a time will come when the Indian women too will be fed up. Right now, although they assert the contrary, sex IS a big deal. Otherwise everyone wouldn't be talking about it, and it wouldn't be on the first page of the newspaper that young Indian women are "doing it".

Lady Chatterley's angst and disillusion is probably reflected in the late-twenties, early 30's Indian woman, aware of the past she is emerging from, and valuing the future she is stepping into.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mary J Bleugh!

One love, one blood, one life you gotta do what you should?

I'll tell you what Mary J Blight should not be doing: covering U2 songs! I recently heard her version of "One", the most amazing song in the whole world, and I went Mary J Blanch. To be fair, it's not too bad, I mean, after all it's a collaboration (or bastardization, as you like it) and U2 is involved too. It's just that it' not a match for the original, which was Mary J Bliss.

Bono is crooning along with her throughout the song, the scab. I guess we shall eventually get used to the Mary J Blotchy attempt at remaking a ferpect song.

Let it be the last dance with Mary J!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It wasn't me

Yeah, so I haven't been myself over the last two posts. Lost for words, you might say.

While I wait to get back into the groove, get over my "writer's block", so to speak, I tag
S! and The travelling cat. You know who you are.

P.S. You have to write about 10 things you miss the most. For more information please see the previous post.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I have been "Tagged"

Ghetu, I realise I am falling for it.

Yes, I have been "tagged", to mention 10 things I miss the most. Here goes (in no particular order):

My erstwhile feelings of total disregard
My ideal life

Guess it doesn't make much sense.

Have a good one, guys.