Friday, April 28, 2006


Everything runs in circles. Or is it squares? Does going full circle mean coming back to square one?

You figure it out...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pondicherry Blues

Yep, that is where I was this weekend.

The land down under firmly planted the travel bug in my head, and so we headed off to Pondi, the "Goa-of-the-east", they told me.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

Don't get me wrong - its a nice enough place. The thing is, my expectations were too high. I had been fed these visions of charming French cafes, glorious architecture and cheap beer, of which not even the latter came true!

Sure, there were some French food places - cafes and restaurants - around, but were painfully hard to find! It was as if Pondi was telling us: "Ha! Make an effort, only then shall you eat!" I mean, c'mon!! It's like Pondi folks don't WANT to encourage tourism. It should've been evident from the glances me and SM were getting for daring to bare, I guess ;) Such bad behaviour!

Anyway, we went to Le Club the other night for dinner and drinks and BO joined us too. Great wine, good food and cool people - that was what saved the day (and the night) in Pondi!

To be fair, the promenade was quite pretty, and the French area well planned and neat. Word to the wise: Avoid the restaurant Rendezvous! Absolutely crappy service.

All in all, pretty sweet n' sour.

Final verdict: ** and 1/2, that is, worth a one-time watch. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spank my kitsch up

So I was in Sydney some time back, and happened upon this charming neighbourhood - Kings Cross - home of gay bars, strip joints and, ahem, "adult" shops (e.g. Kink). Good bars though; I should know, went to three of them in a single night. Starting with beer and food at a regular bar-restaurant thing, moving on to a strictly drinks and dancing place, followed by a drunken revel at Moulin Rouge, where the artist-DJ was playing a "sexy-dirty pop disco mix". Whatever. The vodka and orange juice was good enough :)

So walking along the street, we see this masked artist a la Guy Fawkes, with sculptures made of metal wire wound round and round. Various unmentionable postures were depicted, but the piece de resistance of the whole ensemble was the, erm, lady on all fours, with a whip on the side. I almost spilled my guts laughing. Only my reverence for artists of all sorts kept me in line.

It was a very interesting exhibit, to say the least, but I did not actually see anyone take up the obvious invitation of the whip. Reassuringly there were some pieces of silver and gold in the artist's collection box. There were some people who touched the lady's bum (the sculpted lady, not the artist ;)), and it seemed like they'd received a mild electric shock. Still don't know if that was real or fake. All in all, a very non-Bangalorean experience!