Friday, March 10, 2006


It's a pain to be sick, literally. I seem to be surrounded by sickness, physical disability and illnesses, affecting my life in many little ways. Its funny how sickness doesn't only affect the victim, but also other related with him/her. And in some cases, the effects can be felt continents away...

So what can be the worst thing for a music lover? U2's Vertigo tour just got cancelled, and many folks are dismayed that they will not be able to see the gods of music in action. Seems there's a medical problem in The Edge's family. One feels sad about that, at the same time one wishes the concerts would go on as planned. Not quite an ethical dilemma, but close.

And what do you do when you have a medical problem in your own family? When it affects your plans, journeys and destinations? Do you cancel your "concert", or do you keep playing?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Draw the Line

OK, I know I might come across as a basically cynical human being, but really, events are conspiring to make me that way. I mean, the gall, the absolute nerve! There are certain things you expect other human beings to adhere to, the normal ones anyway. Let me make a list of these things so that certain human beings (read: men, vermin, whatever you want to call them) make no mistake in "drawing the line":

1. Don't assume what you think is funny I will find funny too!
2. Don't take advantage of my good nature! There are some things which are never forgotten.
3. Don't think being a smartass will make you more attractive!

4. Don't give yourself too much credit; you might account for less that you think!


There. I feel better already :)

I am Bach

Hi folks,

Sorry for the long hiatus... too much work and finally a social life! :) But its great to see you guys (or more precisely, gals) asking me to write up! Really makes me feel good; mwah, mwah!

So here goes... (see above I guess :))