Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Metrics of pain

I was thinking today, something I occasionally do, and wondering... what is pain?

Cheap sidewalk psychology says that everyone has their grouses (or grise - somehow, I would like that to be a word), but is some pain worse that the other? I wonder.

We all feel that only our world is the end of the world, but what can put a damper on our lament? Do we need to hear other people's pain before we accept ours? Are we crappy people if we feel comforted by the fact that, hang on, there are others going through shit?

So. What comes first? A broken heart? Unemployment? A demanding employer? A crumbling marriage? Substance abuse? Poverty?

Rank on, dear friends, loyal readers and fellow bloggers. May we find consolation in relativity.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Identity Crisis

Everyone I know these days is blogging. Ok, maybe everyone is too much of an "all encompassing" term; lets just say many people I know, officially and unofficially, so to speak, are blogging these days.

In most cases, unlike my humble abode, the blogger is unknown. I think this is a ploy, and a good one: "Make the visitors read ALL my posts to figure out who I am.. heh heh heh" (Evil laugh...). Or is it just an innate desire we have to own a space which is entirely private, and, to some extent, completely out of reach of others, where no form of expression is barred??

So we talk about booze, sex, lies and videotape and what not... and why not? After all, we own this space! And we are invisible. Well, most of the time.

The best part is figuring out who the blogger is. The very act of blogging renders the process of concealment useless! Whenever you put something that you write out there, it's a tiny window into your psyche, and thereby your identity.

And why the identity crisis? Are today's men and women just afraid of, you know, "being a man" and "coming out"?

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Ultimate "Ubersexual"

Bono is cool. And if anyone who reads this doesn't know who I'm talking about... well let's just say any chance of us being friends is in deeeeep trouble.

Anyhow, Bono is the emerging definition of "ubersexual", after the absolutely horrendous metrosexual guy, or asexuals, as AG and I prefer to call them. Since does not tell us what "ubersexual" means, I'll tell you! In a nutshell, the guy's like a Greek God, and chivalrous, nice to kids and everyone else, and all that. And he doesn't wear shiny, tight-fitting shirts in vivid prints. Praise the lord.

Check out the ultimate ubersexual, amazing man, married to his childhood sweetheart, and with four kids - Bono - at

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Caught in the folds of my own saree

So.. I have finally crossed the threshold from girlhood to older, wiser, maturer female-hood (somehow i shudder to think of it as "womanhood"). Yes, I am the proud owner of a brand new saree, which has been, wonder of wonders, bought by myself!

I couldn't myself believe it when I committed the deed, and my mother's elation at the news filled me with a terrible foreboding. The next day, my incredilous self was the recepient of a courier with a couple of blouses (was ever a more disgusting word coined? But then I guess it's a shade better than jumper and the like).

Anyhoo I am stuck with these sarees now. God knows I am not gonna wear them more that once or twice in the coming gazillion years.

Friday, November 04, 2005


No, this is not an article about love, lust, sex or anything like that. If you are looking for a fun, enjoyable read, forget about it. Move along, don’t read any further.

Yeah, yeah. I am in a crappy mood. Hey, it's my blog, I’ll say whatever I want.

So… what is this about? What is this “sin” I am talking about?

Sin is: not being true to yourself. Sin is: binding yourself to things when you don’t really want to. Sin is: being decent and true when you don’t want to. Sin is: forgoing something you don’t want to forgo.

We go through life doing things we don’t really want to, acting instead of reacting. There’s a need to stop acting now, in all senses of the word. Now it is time to be true. Now it is time for the ultimate non-sin of them all: selfishness.

Don’t be unselfish. Don’t sin.
Ayn Rand would agree.